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Why benny is the Best Shopping App in India?

Updated: May 14

The Best Shopping App

Benny is the best online shopping app with the the and the most unique features for any online shopper to benefit from and save tons of money!

With benny, you can shop on 11,000+ brands in just one app and get the best cashback, credit card offers, promo codes and coupons from all over the internet.

Whether you want to shop for flight tickets, insurance, electronics, fashion. beauty products, or pet essentials, you get benefits with all available card offers and coupons.

Here are the benefits of shopping with benny

24/7 Live Deals and Discounts

With benny you can see all live sales 24/7 and never miss out of any offers. So why wait for sale and deals to go live when you can maximum money all round the year with benny. These are all the ways benny helps you save money while shopping:

1500+ live coupon codes

Unlock exclusive discounts across categories. Whether you’re shopping for flight tickets, insurance, or the latest gadgets, our coupons or promo codes have you covered.

Up to 40% cashback on orders!

Every successful order on benny earns you cashback. Imagine getting rewarded for every purchase. It’s like finding money in your virtual couch cushions!

1000+ shopping offers on all bank cards

Why settle for one shopping offer when you can have all? Our unique combination of credit card offers and cashback ensures you get the best of both worlds.

the best shopping app - offers and deals

Proactive notifications on sales and offers

benny keeps you updated on all live and upcoming sales on major brands so that you always get the best products at the best prices. You can always in the app see what all brands have their sale live.

benny is a super app!

benny bring together all major online shopping stores inside just one app. You can shop from just one app on brands like Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart, Giva, Tanishq, MakeMyTrip, Vistara, Supertails, and over 160 online stores and 11000 brands.

benny ensures you save more than just regular online shopping by offering the best deals.

the best shopping app - includes all top shopping apps in India

Secure sharing of credit card offers

Never miss out on credit card offers! Share your bank cards securely with friends through benny. It’s the ultimate way to stay updated on discounts on their cards and maximize your savings.


[NEW] Fashion Finder: Use AI for shopping!

How many times have you let go of a dress because it was costly, and you were unsure if you could get it at a cheaper cost elsewhere? It happens to all of us. 

On benny you can upload a screenshot or photo of the dress and find the exact matches across stores and brands. You can compare the features and prices and shop what best suits your needs.

the best shopping app


Prices and products across stores with Switch button

You no longer need to open 10 tabs together and hop from one to the other. The all-in-one apps make it much simpler for you. For example, in benny you get a switch button that allows you to toggle between stores to compare products. 

Transparent tracking of your cashback : timely redeem

Wondering how to know the status of your cashback? benny keeps it crystal clear. Track your cashback amount in the history section of the app after every shopping spree.

the best shopping app - cashback tracking


Benny rewards you with gems whenever you shop, invite your friends, add cards and on more such events. You can redeem these gems directly in bank account. This loyalty program from benny is a great way for you to get extra cash rewards in addition to the offers that you. It’s win-win for you!

Customer Support and Satisfaction

Unlike most shopping sites, benny does not leave you with limited automated messages and chats. You can raise tickets (complaints or queries) and explain your issue. Our responsive customer support team immediately considers and solves the issue. 

Security and Privacy

We at benny have highest standard of data security and privacy. All you data is always protected with best in class security procedures. We have robust measures to protect your access and ensure that there will never be any problems with your data. 

Benny’s User-Friendly Interface

Using benny is very smooth and east. The intuitive interface makes it easy for you to discover brands, place orders and get the best deals within just a few clicks. The navigation is very simple for anyone to start using benny in seconds. There are personalized recommendations for offers when you use benny which ensures that your shopping spree is hassle free and you end up saving tons of money everytime!

Product Range and Quality

We have partnered with to top authentic online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio and 150+ others where we cover diverse product catalogue from over 11,000+ brands in one place. Our partner brands ensure you always have the best products delivered to you with the highest quality assurance. There are millions of products that you can shop on benny covering a vast range of categories such as fashion, beauty, electronics & more!


In conclusion, benny is anything and everything you need right now! If you shop online you should definitely try benny and see the difference. Your shopping spree and the experience will make you hook to this app! You will have the freedom to not have 100s of shopping apps on your phone when just one benny app can give you access to all online stores at once.

Happy Shopping and Happier Savings!

the best shopping app

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) On The Best Shopping App - benny

How to get free cashback?

  1. Download the benny app from the Play Store or App Store.

  2. Browse and select any of the 160+ stores listed on the app.

  3. Shop as usual and make a purchase.

  4. Cashback is processed automatically after you pay.

  5. The cashback appears in your benny app’s History section and can be redeemed directly into your bank account.

How do you earn cashback?

  1. Use the benny app to access your favorite online stores.

  2. The app tracks your purchases and automatically adds cashback to your account.

  3. Once the cashback is approved, usually within 25 days, you can redeem it.

  4. Achieve yearly cashback milestones on benny to earn additional Gems, which can also be converted to cash.

Which shopping app gives the best cashback?

  1. benny offers up to 40% cashback across 160+ top online stores, like Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, and more.

  2. With live sales, coupon codes, and bank offers, benny maximizes savings.

  3. The user-friendly interface of the benny app makes it simple to compare prices and secure the best deals, ensuring top cashback opportunities.

How to get money from cashback?

  1. After shopping through the benny app, your cashback will be tracked and updated in the History section.

  2. Once approved, tap on the “Redeem Now” button in the app.

  3. Enter your UPI ID and receive the cashback amount directly in your bank account within a day.

  4. Through benny, cashback can be easily and securely converted to actual money, enhancing your shopping experience.

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