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Why Should You Have an All-In-One Shopping App?

Updated: May 8

You badly want to download more shopping apps but you cannot because your smartphone is already full of apps? Cluttering your phone with an app can actually slow down its speed and make it difficult for you to manage your phone hygiene. 

Or, are you tired of managing multiple apps and want a shopping app that provides the same brands and stores in one place?

In that case, downloading an all-in-one shopping app can be a solution. Not sure what it is? Read on! 

all-in-one shopping app

What are all-in-one shopping apps?

All-in-one shopping apps bring a wide range of online stores and brands together, under one virtual roof. 

From groceries and household essentials to flight tickets, electronics, and fashion, you'll find everything you need with just a few taps in a single app on your smartphone.

For example, in the benny all-in-one app, you can find 160+ online stores and 1100+ brands including Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra, Make My Trip, Healthkart, Boat, Vistara, Supertails, Ajio, Flipkart, and more. 

You shop from the same trusted online stores but in one place! 

4 Reasons Why You Should Have an All-In-One Shopping App?

After all, what are the benefits of using these all-in-one shopping apps? Well, there’s a lot. Each all-in-one shopping app has its own benefits and features. But these 4 reasons are the major benefits of using an all-in-one shopping app. 

Easy comparing of products across stores

all-in-one shopping app

An online saving app allows you to compare products, their prices, and delivery dates across stores and brands in a single app. 

You no longer need to open 10 tabs together and hop from one to the other. The all-in-one apps make it much simpler for you.

For example, in benny you get a switch button that allows you to toggle between stores to compare products. 

No need to let go of a shopping app just because your smartphone is full

all-in-one shopping app

Your smartphones can often get cluttered with multiple shopping apps. It may slow down in the long run. 

For that matter, you may even have to prioritize and uninstall some good shopping apps.

Another option is to use mobile sites, but the offers and user experience can be less convenient than an app. Apps are found to be more responsive and easy to navigate than websites. 

Plus you may remain unaware of some ongoing sales, coupon codes, and offers that show up on the app.

So instead of downloading multiple apps on your smartphone, you can just download an all-in-one app. 

For example, benny includes hundreds of shopping apps for all important categories such as fashion, beauty, travel, wellness, electronics, home needs, pet essentials, and more.

To read what are the top 10 best shopping apps, read: Best Online Shopping Apps in India: Top 10 Picks

Wide range of products and brands

all-in-one shopping app

All-in-one apps allow you to access multiple brand stores. That means you can compare hundreds of brands and products in one app together. The options are endless. 

On the other hand, using just one shopping app means a limited exploration of the latest brands and trends. 

For example, you can check out your favorite WOW skincare products at Nykaa on benny. Besides, you can also go through the same products, prices, and delivery options at WOW on benny. Compare both and purchase according to your shopping preferences. 

Cost-efficiency and savings

all-in-one shopping app

Often, all-in-one shopping apps provide you extra cashback when you complete a shopping through their platforms. Wondering why? Basically, merchants like Amazon, Nykaa, and others pay the all-in-one app merchants to bring you to their platforms. The same amount is given to you as cashback.

Besides, the all-in-one shopping apps often come with hundreds of credit card offers, coupon codes, shopping deals, and discounts for shoppers.

For example, benny enables 2x more savings by offering you up to 40% cashback, 1000+ credit card offers, and coupon codes across stores and brands.

Why You Should Always Use This App When Shopping Online?

all-in-one shopping app

benny provides some amazing benefits for online shoppers who want to access all shopping apps in one app:

Shopping assistant features

all-in-one shopping app

How many times have you let go of a dress because it was costly, and you were unsure if you could get it at a cheaper cost elsewhere? It happens to all of us. 

benny allows you to upload a screenshot or photo of the dress and find the exact matches across stores and brands. You can compare the features and prices and shop what best suits your needs.

benny also has a chat feature that answers all your questions related to cashback and shopping. 

Cash back rewards

You get up to 40% cashback for shopping across stores and brands through benny.


Credit card offers

benny offers top deals and credit card offers to its users alongside the cashback and coupon codes.

Refer friends for extra rewards

benny too runs its own loyalty programs and helps you earn rewards for referring their shopping app to friends and family. 

Easy to use

As mentioned before apps are faster, more responsive, and easy to navigate than websites. benny is the most easy-to-use all-in-one shopping app as per most customer reviews.

Coupons and deals

As soon as you open a store page on benny, for example, “Amazon”, it takes you to a savings page where you can see all the cashback, shopping offers, deals and discounts, credit card offers, and promo codes. You can use them to save max when shopping. 

Customer service

Unlike most shopping sites, benny does not leave you with limited automated messages and chats. You can raise tickets (complaints or queries) and explain your issue. Their customer service team immediately considers and solves the issue.

For learning more benefits of using benny, read Why is benny the best shopping app?

best online shopping apps

The Bottom Line...

The all-in-one shopping apps bring all your favorite shopping apps into one platform. You should install an all-in-one shopping app to clear up your phone storage without having to compromise your favorite shopping stores or brands. All-in-one shopping apps also help you compare a wide range of products and brands, and save money.

benny, an all-in-one shopping app is a super app for shoppers who want to shop smart, and save max. It includes Amazon, Nykaa, Ajio, MMT, Supertails, WOW, Giva, Adidas, Flipkart, Myntra, and over 160 online stores, along with 1100+ brands!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why does every store have an app?

1. Convenience: Apps make it easy for customers to shop anytime, anywhere, from their phones.

2. Better Experience: Apps offer personalized features and smoother navigation than websites.

3. Loyalty and Marketing: Stores can build loyalty and run targeted marketing campaigns through apps.

4. Competitive Edge: Having an app shows innovation and helps stores stay competitive in the market.

Why is an app better than a website?

Why do stores want you to use their app?

What is a mobile shopping app?

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