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What Is A Super App? Is It Worth It?

Updated: May 8

Ever felt like yelling at someone, - “I’m not a super-man, neither do I have ten hands that I can carry all your tasks at once!”

what is a super app? Is it worth it?
What Is A Super App? Is It Worth It?

Juggling multiple tasks can be exhausting and stressful. 

The same goes for our shopping needs. Switching from one app to the other, comparing apps and stores, and managing phone storage becomes a struggle at times. 

Wishing you had superpowers to handle them all at once? 

Well, while we might not be superheroes, developers have come to our rescue with super apps. These apps allow us to manage multiple tasks seamlessly within one platform.

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the concept of super apps has emerged as a game-changer. 

No more single-purpose shopping applications when you can have applications to carry out multiple shopping needs!

 Let’s dive into what super apps truly are, their key features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

What is a Super App?

what is a super app

A super app is a user-friendly platform that brings together various services in one app. Unlike traditional apps that focus on specific tasks (like shopping for clothes, booking tickets and hotels, or ordering groceries), super apps take a holistic approach. They serve as centralized hubs, providing users with a one-stop solution for their diverse needs.

There can be different types of super apps too. But most of them are designed to help you with your daily needs like shopping for clothes, groceries, medicines, books, pet essentials, travel things, and so on.

For example, benny is a super app that includes Amazon, Nykaa, Myntra, Ajio, Flipkart, Make My Trip, Boat, and over 160 online stores and 1100 brands to shop from! 

It has 8 shopping categories to choose from, like fashion, food, electronics, home needs, and more.

benny offers up to 40% cashback and 1000+ bank offers and coupons to help you save 2x more every time you shop through benny. 

It has additional features like “Shop From Your Screenshots” that allow you to find similar dresses at varying prices and stores with varying specs. 

Wondering what else benny has to offer? Check Out this page!

Significance of super apps in the digital landscape

Significance of super apps in the digital landscape

 Super apps play a pivotal role in the ongoing digital transformation. Here’s why they matter:

  1. Ecosystem Integration: Super apps seamlessly integrate various services—payments, financial products, messaging, e-commerce, transportation, and more. 

Imagine having your banking, food delivery, and ride-hailing needs met within a single app! That’s the power of a super app.

  1. Simplifying Daily Life: These apps cater to multiple aspects of our routines. 

Need to share bank offers with a friend? Check. Want to order groceries? Check. Planning a trip? Check!

The same app can fulfill all your requirements. No need to juggle multiple separate applications when you can do so with an all-in-one app!

  1. Mobile-First Convenience: With super apps, everything is at your fingertips. Whether you’re at home, commuting, or traveling, you can access a plethora of services anytime, anywhere.

What is the difference between super app and normal app? [Super app Vs. Normal app]

The differences between a super app and a normal app are:


Super App

Normal App


A super app integrates diverse services (e.g., messaging, payments, shopping) into one platform.

A normal app typically focuses on a specific function or service (e.g., clothes, weather, social media).


benny, Tata Neu, Uber Super App, PayPal Super App

Weather apps, social media apps, Some shopping apps, fitness trackers, games, etc.


Simplify user experience by offering multiple services in one place.

Serve a specific need or function.


Messaging, payments, ride-hailing, food delivery, financial services, etc.

Single-purpose features (e.g., weather forecasts, photo editing).


Designed to handle growth and expand services seamlessly.

May not be as flexible for adding new features.

Super apps provide an all-in-one solution, while normal apps serve specific purposes.

Benefits of using a super app (Pros)

benefits of super app

The advancement in technologies increases the need for multiple mobile apps. There comes a point, where we, as users need access to specific services, but installing another application for the same seems inconvenient. This could be mainly due to:

(a) lack of enough device storage 

(b) the hassle of managing multiple apps

This is where super apps come to the rescue. Here are the benefits of using a super app:

⌚ Time-saving

If switching between apps, especially when you’re in a rush feels annoying, nothing like a super app! You just need to install one app and you can find all other apps in the same. 

For example, if you install the benny super app, you can search all other apps like Amazon, Flipkart, or Nykaa and many more in the same app. Time and labor saved at once!

📲 Convenient for managing app hygiene and phone storage

What do we do when our phone storage is full? First, we try to go to each app, check the app info, and clear the cache. Right? If that doesn’t help, we uninstall some apps. 

The next time your phone storage is full, wait before you bid goodbye to your favorite apps. Check if the same apps are available at a super app. 

For example, don’t just let go of Amazon if you want to download Nykaa Men. You can have both of them with 160+ online stores and 11000+ brands at benny

🍃 Easy comparison of products across brands and stores 

Let’s understand this with an example. Suppose, you want to purchase a dress from Myntra, one of the best online shopping apps for clothes. Now, you may want to know the price and features of the same dress across other stores and brands like Amazon, Nykaa Fashion, and more. 

You can open these apps individually, and search for the dress, and sort one by one. 

But, a) This can be more time-taking. b) You can’t be sure that you’ll find exact matches. 

Super apps, have all the common-purpose brands and stores in one place. Besides, in general super apps come with something like a “switch” or “compare” option which takes you to last visited stores and products to compare the both. 


💡At benny, the super app for shopping, you get to “shop from your screenshots” too. Just upload a screenshot of a dress or a photo, and you can find exact matches at different stores with different features. Compare all, and see what best suits your needs. 

You also get a “switch” button to compare last visited products across stores. 

💸 Cost-effectiveness

Super apps come with maximum discounts and offers. This is because by using a single platform businesses minimize their expenses.

The pay commission to the super apps for bringing customers to their sites. Super apps use these amounts to pay cashback to the users.

You may even earn rewards for using the app consistently.

what is a super app

✨ Increased efficiency and productivity

Usually speaking super apps come with multiple services. They can provide automated payments, reminder set-ups, notes, calendars, and more. That’s why they’re called super apps! 

For example, benny is an excellent super app that incorporates actually helpful tools in its services. 

  1. Shop From Your Screenshots: You need not let go of a dress just because it’s expensive or out of stock. Take a snap of the dress, and upload the same on benny “Shop From Your Screenshots” feature. 

You will find exact matches of your dress at various online stores with varying prices and features. Compare the best matches and shop for what best suits your requirements. 

2. Secure Card Sharing: benny enables the most secure and easy way of sharing your bank cards with as many friends and family as you want. 

You just need to enter the first six digits of your bank card known as the Bank Identification Number. It helps benny identify your bank. 

The purpose? You and your friends and family can share all the credit card offers for shopping with maximum discounts! 

Besides these main features, benny also comes with a loyalty rewards program, a shopping assistance chatbot, and so on.

🔐 Data security and encryption

Since the super apps are third-party apps, they make sure to have high security at both ends. Your data is fully encrypted and safe on a single platform. 

🤏 Goes well with the minimalist mind-set

Minimalist Mindset: A minimalist mindset involves simplifying your life by focusing on what truly matters. It’s about setting priorities and aligning your decisions with those priorities. For example: Clean up your social media accounts by removing unnecessary content

Having said that, a minimalist approach should not necessarily leave you short of options. Rather it should make it simple for you to access those options.

A super app is like a Swiss army knife for your phone. It combines various services into one app, so you don’t need separate apps for different tasks. One app, but many options!

Super apps are popular because they offer powerful, easy-to-use experiences. By 2027, over 50% of the global population is expected to be daily active users of superapps.

Drawbacks of Super Apps (Cons)

Needless to say, technical inventions often bring potential drawbacks with them. So do super apps! However, your ability to cope with the drawbacks decides whether or not the super app is a win-win for you. Here are the potential drawbacks of super apps:

drawbacks of super apps

🧩 Complexity

Users need time to explore all the features of super apps. Super apps can become overwhelming due to their multifunctionality. You may take time to learn how to track your orders, get refunds, and utilize coupon codes. 

Taking this into consideration, benny has tried to keep its super app as close to usual shopping apps as possible. 

☝️ Dependency

Embracing a super means Single-App Reliance. Relying heavily on a super app may alter your digital behavior. What if the app experiences downtime? You may have a tough time maintaining patience and managing your needs.

🤯 User fatigue

Super apps risk overwhelming users with too many features, notifications, and options.

🚫 Occasional hiccups due to app site behaviors

Super apps integrate numerous other apps by directing users to their respective browsing sites. Consequently, if any of these sites experience downtime, it can result in a less seamless user experience. 

Not knowing where the issue originated, you may even end-up blaming the super app for that.

Key Responsibilities of Super Apps

Key responsibilities of super apps

What makes a super app “super”? Just the multi-utility? No. It must also carry out its responsibilities well. 

These are 3 basic responsibilities of super apps:


What? Super apps should be accessible to everyone, regardless of age, gender, or technical expertise.

How? Ensure easy navigation and interaction for people with minimum or zero technical expertise.

Why?  Being inclusive makes your brand more empathetic.

Data privacy 

What? Super apps must ensure to encrypt user data.

How? Super apps must protect sensitive data against frauds with tight encryption and security measures.

Why? Balance security without compromising user experience.

Social responsibility

What? Super app companies influence users’ lifestyles and global attitudes.

How? Support ecological sustainability by using eco-friendly and sustainable practices.

Why? Consider the broader impact of your app on society.

Reasons for Super Apps Success

Reasons for super apps success

Why do you think Super apps are making success in the market? What factors are adding value to the invention and promotion of super apps? Here are the facts:

Mobile experience in China  

In China, people’s first interaction with the Internet happened through mobile devices. This was due to Google’s shutdown in 2010, which limited desktop access.

As a result, Chinese users became accustomed to mobile apps and preferred those that offered multiple services in one place—what we now call super apps.

Understanding this mobile-first behavior helps explain why super apps gained popularity in China.

Even now, most users agree that mobile apps are more responsive, user-friendly, and faster than websites.

Unbanked population and online transactions

In Southeast Asia, a significant portion of the population lacks access to traditional banking services.

Despite this, online transactions are prevalent. In India, we use payment apps such as Google Pay, and Phone pe for maximum transactions.

Super apps bridge the gap by providing convenient online payment options for unbanked users.

Limitations of smartphone storage

Around 2014 in India, there was a time when having 8 GB SSD storage was enough for a smartphone. At present, even 64 GB is considered a small storage. 

Reason? The applications go through regular updates. The updated app versions typically consume more space than the older versions. Hence, your smartphone may fall short of space for including more mobile apps. 

Super apps save a lot of storage in your smartphone by including multiple daily-use applications.

Super apps to download in India

what is a super app

Finally, looking for some Indian super app options for download? Here you go:

For travel and hotel reservations:  Tata Neu

India’s pioneering super app, currently offers hotel and travel reservations, food orders, and quick loans. With plans to expand into micro-financing, micro-insurance, and more, Tata Neu collaborates with well-known brands like Starbucks, Tata CliQ, and BigBasket. As it continues to grow, expect additional services and partnerships to enhance the user experience.

For digital communication: Clap Messenger

In addition to messaging and calling, you can securely pay, split money, share albums and events, create polls, record calls, and book appointments—all within one platform. In the next phase, the super app may introduce e-commerce services too.

For shopping offers and cashback: benny

benny is an all-in-one shopping app, serving as a super app that integrates major online shopping stores. It brings together brands like Amazon, Ajio, Myntra, Nykaa, Flipkart, Giva, Tanishq, MakeMyTrip, Vistara, Supertails, and over 160 online stores and 11000 brands.

benny ensures you save more than just regular online shopping by offering up to 40% cashback, 1500+ promo codes, and 1000+ credit card offers.

To Wrap It Up, Are Super Apps Worth It?

Yes, super apps are totally worth downloading if you’re experiencing a lag in your smartphone and want to free up some space by uninstalling single-purpose apps. Super apps also reduce your hassle of switching between multiple single-purpose apps.

Other benefits of Super apps include mobile-friendly usage, cost-effectiveness, and wide range of products and brands to choose from. 

Super apps may not be your option though if you find it complex to understand their functionality, or you don’t want too many options at one place. 

what is a super app

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Super Apps


What are the benefits of Super Apps?

  1. Convenience: Users can access multiple services seamlessly in one app.

  2. Efficiency: One time login, no password memory test - streamlined experience.

  3. Data Security: Fewer apps mean lower data exposure risk.

  4. Mobile-hygiene: Replacing ten apps with one app means more phone storage and speed.

  5. Wide variety: You can compare products across hundreds of brands and stores with one app.

Are super apps the future?

  • Global Trend: Super apps have thrived in Asian markets (e.g., WeChat in China).

  • Growing Interest: In the US, 67% of consumers express interest in super apps.

  • Market Potential: Gartner predicts that over 50% of the global population will use super apps daily by 2027.

Is super app safe?

  • User Protection: Super apps prioritize security.

  • Data Privacy: Lower risk due to minimal data entry.

  • Regulatory Challenges: Some super apps face regulatory bottlenecks.

How do super apps make money?

Super apps generate revenue through various channels:

  1. In-App Purchases: Users pay for premium features or additional services.

  2. Advertising: Advertisers target a large user base.

  3. Commissions: Super apps earn a percentage from transactions made by users.

  4. Subscriptions: Premium tiers with exclusive benefits.

Why did super apps struggle in India?

  1. Market Saturation: Established players already dominate specific niches.

  2. User Mindset: Indian users prefer choice over brand loyalty.

  3. Regulatory Hurdles: Super apps face regulatory challenges.


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