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How To Do Fashion Shopping on benny? Fashion Shopping Made Easy!

Updated: Jul 2

All set to explore your ultimate fashion shopping destination for 2024? Proud to help! 

Think about the last time you treated yourself to a new dress. Didn’t it feel amazing? That instant sense of joy, makes you feel special and confident. Buying clothes, accessories, and shoes is closely tied to how we view and express ourselves.

However, fashion shopping also comes with its challenges. Sometimes, the dress or accessory you want is a misfit in the budget. Other times, you might not find exactly what you're looking for. And then, comes the “What goes with this outfit or accessory?” moment. 

Let alone be the filters of sizes, colors, brands, and types of dress or accessories. 

A lot of time and effort can be spent searching, comparing options, and figuring out costs. And, not all shoppers have the time or energy to follow this conventional fashion shopping method. 

This is where benny would like to step in. 

benny believes fashion shopping can be more joyful once we are able to overcome the above challenges. 

This guide will navigate you through the challenges of fashion shopping and why benny is the solution. Learn how to shop on benny and explore its unique features.

Table of Contents

Challenges in Fashion Shopping - Why Choose benny?

Most people shop for fashion when they need something new. But many also add items to their wishlists when they find something they like. Then there are the true fashionistas who design their own clothes and have them custom-made to fit their style and body perfectly.

But here are the challenges each type of fashion shoppers face:

Less Accurate Search Results 

Starting from scratch, the first priority is getting what we are looking for, or what we like. 

For example, you want a ruffle top, which is also a crop top. 

Now on most shopping platforms, you can either search for “ruffle tops” or “tank tops”. Then you must keep scrolling to spot those few options that actually match your requirements. 

The process is time-consuming and sometimes disappointing. 

Limitations of Filters and Sorting

Have you noticed that applying more than three filters often reduces search results to just 10 to 20 options?

One general disadvantage of filters and sorting is that they can occasionally overlook or exclude relevant options that might not fit neatly into predetermined categories or criteria.

This can limit the variety of choices presented to you. That means you might miss out on suitable items.

Limitations of Latest Trends

Fashion trends are widely adopted by local and brand stores, yet there's often a delay in offering exact matches. 

You might not discover a trendy dress or accessory until you see a celebrity wearing it on Instagram or at an event. 

When searching online for similar items, finding a close match can be difficult. As a result, you may opt to see a tailor or drop the idea of wearing that specific fashion item.

Unreliable Online Stores

When browsing through online stores' fashion product advertisements, particularly on social media platforms, many products may appear appealing. 

However, how can you be sure that a store truly delivers reliable products? While reading reviews helps, there's always the concern of fake or fabricated feedback.

Many online merchants have been implicated in such scams, undermining trust in online shopping.

Adding Price Filter Limits the Options

As soon as you enter your budget range, the options you liked often disappear, leaving you wondering if any fashion apparel or accessory fits within your budget. 

Well, except for a few high-end brands, you will find a varied budget range for most fashion-shopping products. This issue boils down to availability in stores.

Tracking Sales and Coupons becomes difficult

Keeping track of sales and coupons can be difficult because promotions often have short durations or specific conditions. 

For example, a store might offer a 24-hour flash sale on certain items or require a minimum purchase amount to use a coupon. If you miss these opportunities or fail to meet the conditions, you might not benefit from the discounts available.

Delivery charges Add up the Cost

Delivery charges can significantly impact the total cost of an online purchase. For instance, a product priced attractively might seem like a good deal, but high shipping fees could substantially increase the overall amount paid. 

This can sometimes negate the savings or make an item less affordable than initially anticipated.

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How to do Fashion Shopping on benny?

Step-by-step Guide

As discussed the above challenges can make your fashion shopping experience tedious. So should we give up on the norms? Well, never! 

Try benny! Here are the steps to shopping fashion on benny:

Step 1: Take a Screenshot or Photo

Why shop only when you just need to buy something new? And then you may struggle to select what you like. Instead, shop the moment you genuinely like something.

Take a snap or a screenshot of a dress or accessories the moment it catches your attention. The dress or accessory could be on Instagram, Facebook, A showroom, a store, or someone wearing it in person.

Step 2: Upload the Screenshot or Image on benny

Spot the Upload icon. Upload the screenshot or image on benny and wait for the results of the closest matches.

Fashion shopping on benny

Step 3: Find Closest Matches of Dresses, Accessories, and Footwear

As soon as the image is processed and you get the results of the closest matches, you get options for filtering the results by accessories, footwear, or dresses. Choose the type of result you want to explore.

Clicking on the images will take you to their respective stores from where you can place an order. But there’s more you can do…

Fashion shopping on benny

Step 5: Tap and Hold the Result Image for More Similar Matches

Don’t just settle for one round of results. Scroll down and see which result suits you best. Tap and hold the image to view more matches, the closest to the one you just chose. That means you get a much wider range of collections of your choice.

Step 6: Sort and Filter 

The Sort and Filter button is located on the left-hand side of the screen.

You can choose from “low to high”, “high to low”, “verified stores”, and “free delivery” options to sort and filter your results.

Step 7: Heart Before You Cart

Of course, you want to put aside some dresses for comparison and second thoughts. Heart it using the wishlist icon of the “heart” at the top-right corner of your screen. The dress will get saved to your wishlist from where you can decide whether to drop it or to move it to the cart.

Step 8: Go Ahead With What Best Suits Your Shopping Needs

Now that you've finished browsing for fashion, it's time to shop! Compare the features, prices, and quality of the dresses and accessories, and click on the items you want to buy.

Fashion shopping on benny

Unique Fashion Shopping Features of benny

benny offers a unique shopping experience with exclusive collections and easy-to-use features. As a top fashion shopping platform, benny provides a user-friendly interface, allowing you to explore and compare options effortlessly. 

Here are the perks of fashion shopping with benny:

Shop What Inspires You

Whenever you spot a dress or accessory you love, whether it’s on Instagram, Facebook, or even in a store, take a quick screenshot or photo. Upload it to benny, and the app will find similar fashion items for you. 

See a celebrity wearing a stylish ruffle crop top? Snap a picture, upload it to benny, and find similar tops instantly. It’s that simple! 

This way, you can shop the moment inspiration strikes without having to browse endlessly.

Explore Home Page - Shop Trending Celebrity Looks

Discover outfits similar to what your favorite influencer wore at a recent event right from benny’s trending section.

This allows you to stay updated with the newest styles and shop for items similar to those worn by your favorite celebrities.

Shop with Screenshots - It’s Easy

Upload screenshots or photos of fashion items directly to benny, and the app will show you the best matches of the same dresses. This makes finding the perfect dress or accessory quick and easy.

Get a Breakdown of the Complete Look - Get Accessories and Footwear Results too

benny not only finds dresses but also gives you images of matching accessories and footwear, helping you put together a complete outfit with minimal effort.

The breakdown is given at the top, left-hand side of the result screen.

No more scratching your head with “what will go with this?”

Get Fast and Accurate Results

Tired of typing and searching for fashion products only to land the wrong results? 

Upload a photo of an outfit, footwear, or handbag, and benny will show you similar handbags from various brands almost instantly. That’s much more accurate and faster than your conventional shopping search.

Not just results, get options to compare and make an informed decision for your fashion shopping in minutes! 

Get “Sort” and “Filter” Options for Fashion Shopping

Sort by “free delivery” to avoid extra shipping costs and find budget-friendly fashion items.

Easily refine your search results with benny’s sorting and filtering options, such as “low to high,” “high to low,” “verified stores,” and “free delivery.” This helps you find the best deals and the most relevant products.

Compare Prices of Dresses and Accessories

Compare the price of a designer dress across multiple stores to find the most affordable option. The prices are mentioned right below the image of every fashion-product.

benny allows you to compare prices for dresses and accessories across different stores on a single result page, helping you find the best deals and save money.

Compare Stores and Features of Fashion Brands

Click on the result images to compare features like return policy and customer reviews between two online fashion stores to choose the best one. This helps you make informed decisions when shopping for fashion in much less time.

Track price Drops and Sales on Top Fashion Brands

benny highlights price drops and sales from top fashion brands on the result pages, so you never miss out on a great deal.  

Heart Before You Cart

Save items to your wishlist by “hearting” them. The wishlist icon is located right below every image, allowing you to compare and think over your choices before making a purchase. 

Spot Free Delivery options

benny also highlights results that are available with free delivery, helping you avoid extra costs and make more economical fashion purchases.

Share Results with Friends and Family to get Instant Feedback

Click on the share icon to share your favorite fashion finds with friends and family through benny. Get instant feedback and make your shopping experience more social.

Manage Your Fashion Shopping Account

benny provides a comprehensive account management feature, allowing you to track your searches, manage your wishlist, and keep an eye on your shopping history.

Browse Your Shopping History 

Keep track of past searches and purchases with benny’s browsing history feature. This makes it easy to revisit and reconsider items you’ve looked at before.

Swift Customer Care Support

benny offers quick and responsive customer support to assist you with any issues or questions you may have, ensuring a smooth and satisfying shopping experience.

Customer Testimonials on Fashion Shopping with benny

Going through the customer feedback and authentic user reviews helps understand what a customer experience on benny looks and feels like… 

customer testimonials of benny fashion shopping app

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Exploring the Latest Fashion Shopping Trends on benny

Looking for the latest fashion trends? benny keeps you updated with trending fashion, seasonal fashion trends, and popular fashion styles throughout the year! 

Are you captivated by the glamorous world of celebrity fashion? With celebrity-inspired fashion shopping, you can now effortlessly incorporate star styles into your wardrobe. Fashion inspired by celebrities offers a way to emulate popular celebrity outfits, allowing you to keep up with the latest trends seen on red carpets and social media. 

Fashion shopping on benny

Sustainable fashion shopping is about making conscious choices that benefit both your wardrobe and the planet. Embrace eco-friendly fashion by choosing clothing that is produced with minimal environmental impact and ethical practices.

Fashion shopping on benny

Ethnic fusion shopping blends the richness of traditional ethnic fashion with contemporary trends, creating a unique and vibrant style. Fusion styles combine elements from different cultures, offering a diverse and eclectic mix that reflects the global fashion landscape. 

Fashion shopping on benny

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Tips for a Successful Online Fashion Shopping Experience

Navigating the world of online fashion shopping can be a breeze with a few simple tips. Here are some essential online shopping tips to ensure a successful experience:

Know Your Measurements

Imagine buying a dress online that looks perfect, only to find out it’s too tight because you didn’t check the measurements. By knowing your size, you avoid this common issue.

Use a tape measure to note down your bust, waist, and hip measurements. Check the size guide provided by the store to find your best fit.

Read Reviews and Ratings

A pair of shoes might look fantastic in the pictures, but reviews could reveal that they run small or are uncomfortable. Reading reviews helps you make informed choices.

Understand Return Policies

You purchase a jacket that doesn’t fit, but because you’re aware of the store’s return policy, you smoothly exchange it for the right size without any issues.

Watch for Sales and Discounts

Last but not least, you should know how to save money while shopping online.

You don't want to spend all your money shopping for items that can be purchased at half of their actual prices. So keep an eye on the sales, discounts, cashback, and online shopping offers.

Frequently Asked Questions on Fashion Shopping

What is the No.1 clothing site?

The No.1 clothing site can vary depending on individual preferences and needs. 

benny is a widely favored fashion shopping and clothing site, known for its unique features. You can upload images to find matching fashion items, which is great for mimicking celebrity outfits. It offers a diverse range of trendy and exclusive clothing. 

The platform is easy to navigate, with helpful sorting and filtering tools. benny also highlights prices, sales, special offers, and free delivery options, making it easier to make informed choices.

Which app is better for buying clothes?

When it comes to buying clothes, benny is the best app due to its intuitive interface, extensive product variety, and quick and accurate result options. You can shop with screenshots and images of dresses on benny.

It is a super app that houses the best cloth-shopping apps in India like Myntra, Urbanic, Nykaa Fashion, Ajio, Amazon, Flipkart, and so on! 

Which is the best online shopping store?

The best online shopping store for fashion is subjective and depends on what you're looking for. 

benny houses more than 160 top-grade online stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Nykaa, and AJIO that are highly regarded for their vast collections, user-friendly design, and excellent customer service. 

What is the most popular clothing site?

benny is a popular clothing site with unique features. It is the best fashion shopping app. You can use its visual search tool to find fashion items from images, making it easy to copy celebrity styles. It offers a wide range of trendy and exclusive clothes. 

The site is easy to use, with options to sort and filter products. benny also shows prices, sales, offers, and free delivery options, helping you make informed decisions.

All The Best for your Fashion Shopping!

Fashion shopping can be exciting but challenging, with issues like budget constraints and finding the right styles. benny aims to simplify this process with innovative solutions.

benny addresses common shopping frustrations like inaccurate search results, limited filters, and unreliable stores by offering a visual search tool and robust sorting options.

For a successful online shopping experience, knowing measurements, reading reviews, and understanding return policies are essential tips. With benny, shoppers can overcome hurdles, make informed choices, and enjoy a seamless journey from browsing to checkout.

Thank you for your time; I hope you found this think piece helpful!


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