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How to Shop Online and Save Money with benny App? [Step-by-Step Guide]

Updated: May 10

It’s frustrating when you try to snag a deal, but all you find are expired codes or scattered offers. And who wants to clutter up their phone with a bunch of different store apps? With benny,  you can have all your savings in one place. 

How to save money while shopping online with benny?
How to save money while shopping online with benny?

To shop online and save money with benny, just download the benny app, and explore online stores and brands like Amazon, Nykaa, etc., along with their cashback offers, sales, deals, bank offers, and coupons. Next, use the shopping offers and shop your products as usual through the stores. 

Wondering if you can use your same shopping accounts across online stores and brands like Flipkart, Amazon, MMT, etc.? Of course! benny doesn’t ask you to make a new login for shopping at your same old and trusted stores.

Download benny and save 2 times more on every order! 

In this post, we will learn how to shop online and save money through benny. Let's begin with understanding the benny app.

Download benny to shop online and save money

Understanding Online Shopping with benny App

benny with 160+ leading stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Nykaa, and all top categories to shop, brings an in-app shopping experience for maximum savings through Cashbacks, brank offers, coupon codes, and live sales all at one place!

With ₹16 lakhs worth of orders, users from across states trust benny for saving and shopping seamlessly.

Here is a breakdown of the features of benny shopping app:

Features and benefits of benny app

benny app has all the features that make your shopping a joyful experience:

Shop online from 160 top stores and brands and save money

160+ top stores

benny brings 160+ top stores like Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Ajio, Nykaa, and Boat, all in one app.

shop online and get cashback to save money

All-in-One shopping app 

All important shopping categories like Electronics, Fashion, Beauty, Wellness, Travel, Food, E-commerce, Groceries, and Furniture are available on the benny app.

get cashback coupons and more


Get up to 40% cashback on all the stores on your every order.


See 1000+ verified live coupon codes. You can use these codes to save up to 50% on orders. 

Credit card offers

Avail all Bank offers on your own and friends' cards in the benny app.

Basically, benny allows you to share card offers with friends in one place so that you don’t have to ask them for card offers again and again. 


See all live sales on top stores and brands.

Transparent tracking of cashback

Track all cashbacks and redeem them directly into your bank account with a click!

compare products to save money

Shop from your screenshot

benny has tools like “Shop from your screenshots or Fashion Finder” and “Ask benny for offers” to help you shop & save. 

Loved a dress on an Instagram ad? Did you find it expensive? Or, not sure if you can trust the merchant? Don’t lose hope. 

Take a screenshot of the dress, upload it on benny, and find exact matches across reputed online stores and brands. Compare the features and prices, and shop accordingly. 78% of online shoppers utilize comparison tools to find the best deals.

Switch and compare 

The “Switch” button allows you to toggle between stores and brands' products to compare their features and prices.  64% of consumers believe that comparing products or services helps them make informed decisions.

Convenience of using the benny app for online shopping

Apart from the above-mentioned features and benefits, benny offers the convenience of a super app to you. 

benefits of using a super app to shop and save money

benny is an all-in-one super app

It is a multi-purpose super app, which means you no longer need to clutter your phone with several single-purpose apps that you hardly use once in a blue moon. 

You’re most likely to find all the apps for your shopping needs on benny. Be it pet care, flight tickets, fashion, grocery, furniture, medicine,  or home needs, benny includes top brands and stores for shopping under these categories. 

compare products when shopping online to save money

It saves time and effort

Let’s understand this with a simple example. What do we do before purchasing a dress? 

We look for shopping offers, credit card offers, cashback, and sales on various sites and brands.

We compare the same products across sites, brands, and stores before making our purchase. We make the comparison based on quality, price, size, and other important aspects of the purchase.

And finally, we try to get some coupons or promo codes to save more.

Now all this is a tedious task given the number of shopping apps, brands, and stores available. It becomes impossible to visit each brand and check the product and offer details. It’s typically a time-consuming, and tedious task.

On the other hand, features like “Shop from your screenshot”, “Switch”, “Ask everything on savings”, “Bank offers”, “Coupons” solve all these savings and comparison and offer-hunting tasks for you.

steps to shop online and save money

Step-by-step shopping guide on benny app

At benny we feel that shopping should be fun, convenient and affordable. Shopping should not feel like a war, as our daily lives already are! 

Here are just few simple steps you can follow to shop and save maximum with benny.

Search any product, store, or brand

Go to the benny app and search for any store, brand, or product.

From the list of stores select one where you want to shop.

The store opens inside the benny app securely.

Cashback, Coupon codes, and Bank Offers

Every store has a cashback on every order.

Along with that you can see all live coupons and bank offers in one place.

Shop as usual with just one app

You can switch between stores easily with the switch button, to compare products and prices.

You can shop as usual by adding products to your cart and making your payment.

You can log in to the store with your existing accounts to use your saved address and cards.

Track all your savings

After you are done with your shopping your cashback will be visible in the History section of the app, which you can redeem directly into your bank account once it is approved!

maximize your savings with benny

Maximizing Savings with benny App

Follow these steps to maximize your savings on benny:

Step 1: Share cards with friends

Share cards with your friends in your contact and request them to share with you. This opens up a Pandora’s box of savings for you as well as for your friends and family. 

Simply go to the “Cards” section in the benny app and add details. benny will show you the option to share your card offers with your friends and family. You can ask your friends and family to do the same, and avail of the bank and credit card offers.

With all the cards shared with you from your friends, you can easily save more than usual. So invite and refer more of your friends to the benny app to enjoy the maximum savings while shopping.

Step 2: Subscribe to stores for price drops and sales

Press the bell icon on every store's detail page to subscribe to any sales or price drops that happen on any of the stores like, Amazon, Flipkart, Nykaa, Myntra, Ajio, etc.

Step 3: Complete cashback milestones to earn more rewards

On redeeming every cashback you reach closer to your yearly cashback milestones!

There are 12 milestones every year, and every time you reach a cashback milestone you are awarded Gems 💎! And, 1 Gem = 1 Rupee!

You can also redeem all these Gems into your bank account on benny.

Step 4: Add and verify all your details

You can log in on benny with either a phone number or email and start shopping. 

Keeping your comfort in mind, log in with both your contact number and e-mail so that benny has all means to keep you updated with all the sales, offers, and price changes on your favorite brands all the time.

download benny all in one super app to save max while shopping

Happy Savings with benny!

You can shop online and save money by downloading the benny app and shopping through it so that you keep saving cashbacks.

Also, stay updated with the coupons, sale, deals and bank offers across all online stores and brands on benny.  Remember to share card offers with friends and family to save maximum on every purchase.

With up to 40% cashback and 1000+ card offers and coupons, you can save 2x more on every purchase with benny. 

We invite you to download the benny app today and start transforming how you shop online. 

benny offers an unmatched shopping experience that saves you time, money, and phone memory. 

Join the community of savvy shoppers who are already enjoying double the savings on every order. Give it a try!

How to save money while shopping online with benny: FAQs

Is online shopping a time saver?

Yes, online shopping is a significant time saver for several reasons:

Convenience: You can shop from anywhere, anytime, without the need to physically visit stores.

Quick Browsing: Online platforms allow you to quickly browse through a wide range of products, compare prices, and read reviews.

Efficient Search: Use search filters to find specific items or narrow down choices based on preferences.

Faster Checkout: Checkout processes are streamlined, reducing waiting time.

Why is online shopping better?

Advantages of online shopping include:

Variety: Access a vast selection of products across different categories.

Price Comparison: Compare prices instantly across multiple stores.

No Crowds: Avoid crowded malls and long queues.

Home Delivery: Get items delivered to your doorstep.

Exclusive Deals: Many online retailers offer exclusive discounts.

Is it good to shop online?

Absolutely! Here’s why:

Convenience: Shop at your convenience, 24/7.

Product Information: Detailed product descriptions and customer reviews help you make informed decisions.

Easy Returns: Most online stores have hassle-free return policies.

Savings: Online promotions, cashback, and coupon codes enhance your savings.

Remember, online shopping is not only convenient but also allows you to make well-informed choices while saving time and money.

How can I shop with less money?

Tips for budget-friendly online shopping:

Cashback: Use platforms like benny to earn cashback on your purchases.

Coupon Codes: Apply valid coupon codes during checkout.

Compare Prices: Compare prices across different websites.

Wait for Sales: Keep an eye out for seasonal sales and discounts.

Why is online shopping cheaper?

Cost factors that make online shopping cheaper are:

Lower Overheads: Online retailers don’t have the same expenses as physical stores (rent, utilities, etc.).

Direct-to-Consumer Model: Some brands sell directly to consumers, cutting out middlemen.

Bulk Purchases: Online stores often buy in bulk, reducing per-unit costs.

How to get discounts on online shopping?

Use Coupon Codes: Look for valid coupon codes before making a purchase.

Cashback Offers: Platforms like benny offer cashback on eligible transactions.

Sign Up for Newsletters: Retailers often share exclusive discounts via email.

Shop During Sales Events: Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and festive sales offer great deals.

How to shop online on a budget?

Follow these tips for a smart budget shopping:

Set a Limit: Decide on a budget before browsing.

Prioritize: Focus on essential items first.

Track Spending: Use budgeting apps to monitor expenses.

Share Bank Card Benefits: Ask your friends and family to share card offers with you. 

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