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Get 5% cashback in bank account on all orders on Veromoda.


Max cashback:


Unlimited cashback

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Min cart value:

No min cart value!



Applicable on:

All orders (also valid on CoD order)

• Veromoda is a major European fashion company that operates in over 45 countries around the world, with shops in most European countries, the Middle East, India, China, and Canada. It is particularly successful in China, with over 1,200 shops and known for penetrating the middle price range Chinese consumer market. The company sells clothing from one brand or all brands in a single shop, with over 800 shops selling VeroModa worldwide. VERO MODA is a brand that offers affordable, quality, and inspiring clothing for the fashion-conscious and independent young woman who wants to look good and pay less. The brand allows customers to follow fashion on their own terms, offering the right clothes at the right price.

Cashback Timeline



  • Please start with an empty cart.

  • Cashback details always available in passbook on the benny app.

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