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Get 10% cashback in bank account on all orders on Kapiva.


Max cashback:


Unlimited cashback

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Min cart value:

No min cart value!



Applicable on:

All orders (also valid on CoD order)

• Kapiva offers a range of products including ghee, honey, juices, teas, oils, etc. • Products are selectively sourced with emphasis on purity and authenticity. • Aloe Vera is the best in Rajasthan and extracted within 4 hours of harvesting. • A2 Milk is used for Desi Ghee to provide more nutrition. • Wild Honey comes straight from dense forests and is unfiltered and unprocessed. • Every product is carefully sourced with the goal of bringing it to consumers just as Nature created it. • Has delivered over 1 million products to 300,000 customers in the past 1.5 years.

Cashback Timeline



  • Please start with an empty cart.

  • Cashback details always available in passbook on the benny app.

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