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Acko Car Insurance

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Get 40% cashback in bank account on Acko car policies


Max cashback:


Unlimited cashback

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Min cart value:

No min cart value!



Applicable on:

Car policies

• Acko is to insurance what the internet is to information and what the instant message is to communication. Acko has figured that most people don’t really care for insurance, simply because they don’t understand it. But they don’t really need to. That’s what Acko is here for it. Acko makes buying and using insurance effortlessly. By adding technology to insurance. They have transformed something that’s long and tedious into something that’s quick and easy. And in the process, they’ve managed to fit something as massive as insurance into the customer’s pockets.

Cashback Timeline



  • Please start with an empty cart.

  • Cashback details always available in passbook on the benny app.

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Get extra cashback

Sign up and save up to 40%

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