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How to easily earn money online with benny app?

Share your personal earning links on whatsapp, telegram, youtube and everywhere & start earning today!

by benny team

November 26, 2023

Click the "Share link and earn" button

Paste your personal earning links on whatsapp, telegram and everywhere!

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Share your personal earning link in your telegram channels, youtube videos, online communities and everywhere!

Benny app not only helps you save money while shopping online but also offers an exciting opportunity to earn money online easily through its "Share and Earn" feature. You can very easily generate personal earning links, which can be shared across various platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Youtube and everywhere.


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Here's a detailed breakdown of how you can earn money: 

1. Generate Your Personal Earning Link

  • Easy Process: Benny app provides a simple and user-friendly way to generate a unique earning link that is associated with your account.

  • Customization: You can customize this link for different products or brands, depending on what you think your friends and family might be interested in.

2. Share Across Social Media and Messaging Platforms

  • Wide Reach: Share your personalized link on platforms like WhatsApp groups, Facebook groups and posts, Twitter, Instagram, telegram channel, and everywhere. This broadens your reach and increases the chances of your link being used for purchases.

  • Direct Messaging: You can also send the link directly to friends and family who might be interested in the specific deals or products you are promoting.

3. Earn Money on Every Purchase Made Through Your Link

  • Earn as They Shop: Whenever someone shops using your link, you earn a commission. This can be a fixed amount or a percentage of the sale, depending on the terms set by Benny.

  • Track Your Earnings: Benny app allows you to track the earnings you've made through your shared links, giving you a clear view of your success and potential areas for improvement.

4. Continuous Earning Potential

  • No Limits: There is no cap on how much you can earn. The more your link is used, the more you earn.

  • Regular Updates: Keep your links updated with the latest deals and offers to maintain interest and maximize earning potential.

5. Safe and Secure

  • Privacy Maintained: When you share your link, your personal information remains secure. Only the link is shared, ensuring your privacy is respected.

  • Trusted Platform: Benny's reliable and user-friendly platform ensures that the transactions made through your link are safe and secure.

The "Share and Earn" feature of the Benny app opens up a new avenue for users to not only save money but also earn it. By sharing personalized links, users can turn their social networks into potential earning channels. This feature is perfect for those who enjoy sharing great deals and have a wide social circle interested in online shopping.

Benny's "Share and Earn" feature is a lucrative tool for users. By sharing personalized shopping links, users can earn money whenever purchases are made through these links, adding an exciting dimension to the online shopping experience.

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